Barre is an exercise program that draws from the principles of isometrics, dance, interval training and physical therapy. The regime can reshape your entire body.

Barre is a uniue form of exercise and an be incredibly effective. The program uses small isometric movemnts and emphasizesthe importance of stretching and stregthening. The typical results are longer, leaner muscles, as well as increased strength and enurance. In short time, most students have noticeably better posture and alignment. Given the unique muscle movemen, classes can be extremely challenging compared to other form of exercise.

A typical class begins with arm work, often using light weights to strengthen and tone the shoulders and biceps. Exercises will include planks and pushups and tricep work to reshape the upper body. After arm work, the instructor may move the class to the ballet bar to stretch and then tone the calves, thighs and glutes. The bar is a unique tool that assists athletes in maintaining stability while strengthening leg and core muscles. Fitness balls are used for a variety of way to tone and strengthen the upper and lower leg muscles. The last part of class is often focused on working the abs and ends with a final stretching routine.

Barre classes typically follow the same structure and work most of the same muscles, but every class will be unique to the instructor’s format.

We recommend exploring different studios to find the right class, instructor and studio that fit your experience level, personality and interests.